How Much Is Polished Concrete Per Square Foot?

When you think about concrete flooring, some of you may visualize those dull gray slabs.

It is because you have probably seen those floors mostly in warehouse areas or in home improvement stores, all bare and uninspiring. However, concrete can be polished to a glossy finish, giving it a beautiful and luxurious look that would make any room stand out. But with this beauty comes a cost—how much is polished concrete per square foot?

The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project and the amount of material used.

Generally speaking, polished concrete typically costs between $3-$112 per square foot. But this includes and depends on many factors such as the materials used. Materials may vary such as diamond abrasives, sealers, densifiers, and colorants.

The cost may also increase even further if a more complex level of polishing is desired or if staining or other decorative techniques are applied.

how much is polished concrete per square foot

The growing trend of polished concrete floors is not just due to its aesthetics, but also because it can be an incredibly durable and low-maintenance flooring option.

The surface of the concrete is usually dust-proof and resistant to scratches, stains, spills, abrasions, and more—all without the need for excessive cleaning or waxing.

Price Range Estimation Of Polished Concrete Surfaces

Polished concrete is timeless and easily gives your house that industrial and modern appearance that is so popular today.

With the range of options available, polished concrete is extremely customizable and can be tailored to any room in your home or office. Because it doesn’t get damaged easily, more people are opting for this flooring choice because it lasts longer, and costs comparatively less than other materials.

The perfect way to determine the cost is to get quotations for your project. However, here are some price range estimates generally mentioned to help you decide your budget:

Basic Plan – $3 To $5 For Every Square Foot

This choice includes one layer and color of stain, minimal surface preparation, and ground or polished to moderate shining.

Mid Range – $5 to $8 for Every Square Foot

It is the range that may allow you to add customization according to your plan:

  • Simple scoring design or other simple design elements
  • Glossy finishing
  • Two colors of stain
  • More extensive surface preparation

High End – $8 to $12 Or Above For Every Square Foot

Custom elements and extensive design options are available in this range, like custom color matches or multiple stain colors, elaboration of patterns, designs, stencils, surface preparation, and extensive grinding.

This price ranges estimate polishing, grinding, and decorative components applied to the existing concrete. Installing a new concrete surface will add up to the above price range.

Empty factory building or warehouse building with concrete floor for industry background.

What Are The Factors That Impact The Cost Of Polished Concrete?

The most preferred choice of polished concrete flooring is one that has moderate shine with a single color. Add-ons will add up accordingly and may affect the overall cost, depending on these factors:

Quality Of Flooring Sections

The quality of your concrete subflooring or underlay will help you estimate the price. You will get the estimation of grinding and filling that is necessary for preparing the surface for polishing.

Number Of Rooms And Area Size

The larger the work or task, the lesser you will pay for every square foot. However, placing polished concrete floors in multiple rooms can increase the rate as the contractor will require smaller tools to maneuver around doorways and edges.

Design And Finish Elements

With the glossy finishing you want on your concrete floors, the cost goes higher. Glossy floors need some additional steps to get a perfect finishing. Moreover, polishing concrete floor or surface costs are higher if you want to elaborate designs with multiple colors.

Removal Of Current Floors Or Surfaces

If the current flooring requires removal, it adds up to the project’s overall cost.

Also, it has some effect on the surface preparation price. For instance, if your floor has carpets or covers with linoleum, the glue needs to be removed, which can add up to the cost.

Similarly, Thinset that is used under tile surfaces is required to be ground before polishing.

Condition Of Current Flooring Or Surface

Holes, gouges, and cracks seen in an existing surface require repairing before grounding or polishing the surface.

Stains also require dealing, and in some situations, if there is an extensive repairing requirement, the overlay may be necessary before polishing. Extensive surface preparations also add about $2 per square foot.

Purpose of the Project – Residential or Commercial

The cost of polished concrete may be higher for large commercial spaces like retail shops or warehouses. The reason is that larger equipment shall be utilized for wide-open areas, and there are fewer obstacles to work with.

The sun shone through the room glass on the smooth ground

The cost of residential areas usually does not go so high as they are operable by regular equipment. However, small residential floors go high in rate due to the requirement of small equipment and due to the need to get into small spaces.

Stains Or Intricacy Of Designs

The shining level determines the number of steps in a polishing procedure. The glossier the finishing is, the more stages you will have to go through. Moreover, applying stains or intricate designs also adds up to the cost.

The same goes for tile removal and base installation before polishing. The complexities of design determine the overall cost of the project.

The price range of a contract varies with the design you choose. Generally, here is the price range that you can expect for your polished concrete surfaces:

  • High Glossy Polish – $3 to $8 for every square foot
  • Matte Polish – $2 to $6 per square foot
  • Artistry/stencil – Prices vary with the size of the artwork
  • Concrete Overlay Inclusion – $4 to $10 for every square foot.
  • Concrete Stain Inclusion – $0.50 to $2 for every square foot.

Level Of Grade

Grade level is the relation of the room to the ground level of your house.

If you install the polished concrete flooring on or above grade, i.e., at ground level or above, then the concrete underlayment will require installation. It can add about $2 to $3 for every square foot to the overall price.

Final Thoughts

Polished concrete flooring has a wide range of costs, and it is important to understand the factors that determine the amount.

The size of the area, design complexity, grade level, removal of current surfaces, condition of existing floors or surfaces, and purpose of the project – residential or commercial are some of the factors that influence polished concrete prices.

To be on the safe side, factor in about $3 to $12 per square foot and more, depending on the customization you may require. Also, always read the contract carefully and check for the materials that are included in the final costs.

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