How Many Bags Of Concrete Can I Put In My Car / Truck?

Small construction projects that require a limited amount of concrete can usually be done with one bag of concrete. A single bag of concrete will fill up about 0.6 cubic feet, which is enough for small projects like setting fence posts or pouring a small walkway slab.

While larger construction projects require a large truckload of concrete, some may get away with a few bags of concrete that can be loaded into a pickup truck or trunk of your car.

Trucks have different weight capacities according to their size, ranging from half-ton to 32 tons, whereas the weight capacity of a car varies from 100 to 1100 lbs. as per its size and type.

how many bags of concrete can i put in my car truck

To safely transport concrete in a car or smaller truck, keep the weight of the concrete to no more than 1/4th of your vehicle’s total weight capacity.

For example, if you have a pickup truck with a 2000 lb. capacity and you want to transport three 80 lb. bags of concrete, it should be doable without any issues.

Vehicle type and Concrete Weight Capacity

Name/Type Of Car/TruckWeight Capacity In Tons Or LbsNo. Of 40 lbs bagNo. Of 50 lbs bagNo. Of 60 lbs bagNo. Of 80 lbs bagNo. Of 90 lbs bag
Most Of the cars including SUV cars100 to 1000 lbs2 to 25 bags2 to 20 bags1 to 16 bags1 to 12 bags1 to 11 bag
Half ton truck1000 lbs25 bags20 bags16 bags12 bags11 bags
Quarter ton truck1500 lbs37 bags30 bags25 bags18 bags16 bags
One ton truck2000 lbs50 bags40 bags33 bags25 bags22 bags
Kia Rio Compact Car849 lbs21 bags16 bags14 bags10 bags9 bags
Chevrolet Sonic compact car89522 bags17 bags14 bags11 bags9 bags
Toyota Camry Mid Size car925 lbs23 bags18 bags15 bags11 bags10 bags
Ford fusion mid size car850 lbs21 bags17 bags14 bags10 bags9 bags
Hyundai Sonata mid size car904 lbs22 bags18 bags15 bags11 bags10 bags
Chevrolet Impala full size car944 lbs23 bags18 bags15 bags11 bags10 bags
Ford Taurus Full size car950 to 1335 lbs23 to 33 bags19 to 26 bags15 to 22 bags11 to 16 bags10 to 14 bags
Chevy colorado class 1 pickuppayload 1530 lbs38 bags30 bags25 bags19 bags17 bags
Ford Broncopayload 1170 lbs to 1370 lbs29 to 34 bags23 to 27 bags29 to 22 bags14 to 17 bags13 to 15 bags
Dodge Ram 1500 class 2A pickuppayload 2300 lbs57 bags46 bags38 bags28 bags25 bags
Dodge Ram 2500 class 2Bpayload 4010 lbs100 bags80 bags66 bags50 bags44 bags
Dodge Ram 3500 class 3payload 4640 lbs116 bags92 bags77 bags58 bags51 bags
Ford F-450 class 4 pickuppayload 6210 lbs155 bags124 bags103 bags77 bags69 bags
Box Vans class 6 pickup19501 lbs to 26000 lbs487 to 650 bags390 to 520 bags325 to 433 bags243 to 325 bags216 to 288 bags

Note: Extra/Additional weight in the vehicle should be taken into consideration while loading bags of concrete. It’s recommended to spread the weight evenly and not overload the car or truck with too much weight on one side.

How To Calculate The Number Of Concrete Bags For One Truck Or Car?

The process involves two simple steps by which you will get the exact concrete bags to count for your chosen truck or car.

But before diving into the steps to evaluate the number of concrete bags, you need to consider a few things that may add to the weight load of a truck or car.

Person’s Weight

If you like to maximize the number of bags, remember that you also need to take into account the weight of the person or people who’ll be sitting in the car or truck. This may significantly affect the overall weight-loading capacity. This includes the driver and passenger(s), so make sure you keep the weight of each person in mind.


Concrete and cement bags are usually delivered and transported using pallets. Pallets are mostly made of wood and have a standard weight of 30 to 70 lbs.

This can add up quickly, so make sure to consider how many pallets you’ll need for your project when calculating the total weight capacity for your vehicle. You need to subtract the weight of the pallets from the vehicle’s total loading capacity.

Other Equipment

Depending on the type of project, you may need to bring along other tools and equipment like shovels, hoses, stakes, or a mixer. This is another factor that needs to be taken into account when determining how many bags can fit in your car or truck.

Now that you have an understanding of the weight-loading capacity and other factors to consider, let’s dive into the steps needed to determine how many bags of concrete can fit in your car or truck.

Step 1: Get The Maximum Weight Capacity Of Your Car Or Truck

As we mentioned before, the maximum weight capacity of a vehicle can vary according to its size and type. To find the maximum weight capacity of your car or truck, you can consult the vehicle’s manual for more information.

Most of the time, the weight capacity is in tons – so you have to convert tons to pounds. One US ton is equivalent to 2,000 lbs, so all you need to do is to multiply X tons by 2,000 lbs.

Step 2: Calculate The Weight Of Concrete Bags

Once you have the maximum weight capacity of your car or truck, it’s time to calculate the total weight of concrete bags that you need for your project. To do this, simply multiply the number of cement bags required by the bag weight (usually in lbs).

For example, if you need to transport 10 bags of concrete with a weight of 80 lbs. each, the total weight will be 800 lbs.

Truck loaded with bags of cement driving on a highway.

Step 3: Calculate The Total Weight Of Your Load

The last step is to add up the total weight of your car and truck load including other equipment like tools and pallets.

For example, if you are carrying 10 bags of concrete which weigh a total of 800 lbs. and two pallets with a weight of 50 lbs., the total load will be 850 lbs.

Step 4: Calculate The Maximum Number Of Bags That Can Fit In Your Vehicle

Now that you have the maximum weight capacity of your vehicle and the total weight of your load, you can divide the total load by the bag weight. This will give you the maximum number of bags that you can fit in your car or truck.

For example, if you have a vehicle with a maximum weight capacity of 2,000 lbs. and your total load is 850 lbs., then you can fit a maximum of 10.625 bags (850/80 = 10.625).

How Many Bags Of Concrete Can You Put In A Quarter-Ton Loading Truck?

Once you’ve had a good understanding of the concrete bag count, you can determine if the number of bags that you need to transport will fit in a quarter-ton loading truck. A quarter-ton truck has a maximum weight capacity of 2,000 lbs., but this is only enough for 10 to 12 bags of concrete.

So, if your project requires more than 10 or 12 bags, then another type of vehicle might be needed to transport the amount of concrete that is required.

Final Thoughts

Transporting concrete bags can be a challenging task if you don’t know the weight capacity of your car or truck and how many bags it can fit.

By keeping in mind the maximum weight capacity of your vehicle, calculating the total weight of your load, and understanding the types of materials that you will be transporting, you’ll have an easier time determining how many bags of concrete can fit in your car or truck.

With this knowledge, you can ensure that the job is done safely and efficiently!

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